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T-Rex Seamless Rain Gutter Fastening System Comparison

Comparing means having the power to choose! How to Hang Seamless Gutters

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Rain Gutters without Rain Guard
T-Rex Gutter Fastening System

Galvanized steel spikes or aluminum spikes are installed every 16 or 18 inches.

Spike installations leave holes on the front of the eavestroughs, from side to side, and are screwed to the back of the fascia board. Gutter maintenance is required every year.

Seamless Rain Gutters with Guard
The T-Rex Seamless Rain Gutter Fastening System is installed across the entire length of the eavestroughs. We use the T-Rex System with both Commercial and Residential Eavestrough Installations.

It is screwed into the fascia board at the back of the eavestroughs, and hung inside the front of them, across the entire length of your seamless gutters providing added strength and eliminating the need for routine gutter maintenance.

Rain gutters without Leaf Guard T-Rex Eavestrough Fastening System
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