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Install Seamless Eavestrough

We manufacture and install seamless steel eavestroughs for residential, commercial, industrial and property management applications.

We offer the famous Alu-Rex T-Rex® Continuous Fastening System, a solid maintenance and durability solution.

Traditional Installation

Alberta Eavestroughing takes great pride and care in all of its installations. Each eavestrough installation begins with a conscientious inspection of eaves, fascia boards and soffits. This is done so there are no surprises during the installation process.

Our seamless steel eavestrough is machined on site, thus avoiding the risk of breaking and scratching during shipping and ensure a leak free system.

The materials we use are of the highest quality in steel. We offer in a wide range of colors to suit any application.

Installed with spikes and ferrules, our eavestroughs can be affixed to any type of roof or building structure.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and leading edge technology will make your installation superior in quality and appearance. We make repairs of all kinds; fascia, fascia board soffit, etc.

Seamless Eavestrough Maintenance

We offer two solutions efficient and well-tried to protect your house from water infiltrations and damage caused to your landscape:

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs that has you groaning before you even take the ladder out. Leaves, sticks, needles, bugs and twigs all do their part to clog your rain gutters and downspouts, leaving your house vulnerable to major damage.

When your eavestroughs are clogged, water flows between the eavestroughs and fascia, causing rot damage to your home.

See the troubles caused to eavestroughs when you don't have a protection system.


Ensure your peace of mind and protect your biggest investment - your home - by installing Alu-Rex clog-free gutter protection systems.

Alberta Eavestroughing has the Solutions

We offer two efficient and well-tried solutions to protect your house from water infiltrations and damage caused to your landscape:

Protection for Seamless Steel Eavestrough

Through its unique patented design, the T-Rex continuous eavestrough fastening system helps to create a unified structure that resists bending and twisting. Nothing can pull it off or damage it - not even bad weather!

The T-Rex continuous fastening system can support 250 lb. per linear foot. T-Rex makes the eavestrough 50% stronger than traditional fasteners such as spikes or hangers.

Impressive durability... With T-Rex you get the strongest eavestroughs!


T-Rex® makes your eavestroughs ultra robust!

The T-Rex fastening system adds strength and durability across the entire length of the eavestroughs, not just near the spikes used in conventional fastening systems.

This system eliminates the risk of eavestrough bending under the weight of a ladder or the pressure of tree branches.

The T-Rex continuous fastening system includes a free leaf guard that prevents leaves, debris, snow and ice from accumulating in the eavestroughs.

Leaf Guard

Gutter Clean System®, the eavestrough leaf guard patented by Alu-Rex, prevents leaves, debris, ice and snow from building up in your existing eavestroughs.

With 312 perforations every 12 in., Alu-Perf eavestrough cover technology can drain 29, 7 in. of water per hour per linear foot-that's 3 times the amount of water ever recorded in the heaviest rainfalls.

Never clean your eavestroughs again; a 15 km/h wind effectively removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot.

Gutter Clean leaf guard

Protect your existing eavestroughs!

More than 44 millions linear feet has been installed all around the world.

Independent testing has confirmed the Gutter Clean System's performance in protecting existing eavestroughs.

The Gutter Clean System drains 3 times more water than the heaviest precipitations ever recorded.

Gutter Clean leaf guard

Alberta Eavestroughing Installations stands by the unparalleled effectiveness and quality of its patented products with a 25-year warranty on product performance and finish as well as a10-year maintenance free guaranteed!

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