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Testimonials - We install Seamless Eavestrough from Edmonton Alberta

All of us At Alberta Eavestroughing Installations would like to thank all who took time to send us their kind words. We are grateful of your praise. Our promise is to continue to do our best whenever we install eavestrough sytems.

"I just want to send you a quick note regarding the gentlemen working on the property. Since the first day they have been BEYOND professional, polite, quiet and hard working. What prompts me to send this is because they started working around my area today and has usual they are so professional in making sure I am not bothered and am in the know as to what they are doing. I moved my vehicle for them but they said I did not have to. I can't believe how other residence have not moved their vehicles and they had to work around them.

Because they store produce and work beside my condo I have heard them talking and designing the work on our places when I am sitting on the deck. They seem so dedicated to their work quality here and how it will work and function in the end.

They sure keep the grounds clean, I have not seen any scrap metal or screws lying around and that surprised me because their salvage truck was parked at my place and they placed the old eaves-troughs in it every day. Last week I had a lot of my kids vehicles in and out of my spots so I took a look for garbage on the ground for tires sake and not a thing. I have walked around a couple of times with the grand children and they pick up everything but no garbage from our guys working here."

Laura L

"Nick, our eves/fascia home project is finished. Dominic and crew did a real fine job, we're both very pleased. "

John S

"I had your eavestroughing installed with the leaf guard and rain barrels over 5 years ago and it has worked flawlessly since it has been installed. We have many different kinds of trees around our yard and I have yet to go up and do any cleanup of the gutters. We are very happy with what was installed. My father in law is looking to put in new eavestroughing so we asked for a quote and were pleased to know that the quote was very competitively priced. Good quality and price. Who could ask for more?"

Ken C

"Just want to thank you for the excellent work done yesterday on my house. The guys did a wonderful job on the eavestroughs and when I asked for a change in the set up they quickly did the work. I am really happy with the results. Thank you Tamsyn"

Tamsyn S

"We’ve decided to go with you for the eaves work. We are having the root redone in June and want to get the eaves done after the roof is done. When we have a firm date on the roof I will let you know.

Your company completed the work on the eaves and the siding (fantastic job!) and we want to settle the bill but we haven’t received an invoice in the mail or email yet. I was wondering if you could send the invoice along so we can pay you as soon as possible."


"First off let me say, this relationship DID NOT start off on good foot......the initial phone call went really well, with even a quote for the work I needed to have done on my had stated that it would be about a 2 week window....which I totally understood as my job was very small in the grand scheme of work required and would be more like FILL IN work...

Jason and Pawan, had done an AMAZING JOB on our garage, that I could not have the rest of the house match.....therefore having the entire property done......these 2 gentlemen took such pride in their work and it showed from the moment they introduced themselves.

Thank you again for sending Jason and Pawan....those boys were amazing !!!"

Michelle M

"The flashing was installed July 4; thanks for arranging it. We've had several hard rains since then and there's no more cascading water digging a trench under the eaves - problem solved!I haven't yet received an invoice. Should I expect one soon?Thanks again for your help. "


"Jason has been working here the last couple days and has nearly everything completed (great job by the way). One thing I was wondering though – my wife and I had discussed having a “splash pad” or whatever you call it at the spot where the twin drainpipes come down off the garage by the back alley."

Neil T

"Your guys finished the eave and air ventilation in the soffits at my place last week. Please send through a final invoice at your earliest convenience and I will happily pay you. Great job"


"Just wanted to pass on my thanks & appreciation to the two gentlemen that installed my eavestroughs today. I am very pleased with the installation and both installers were friendly and worked very efficiently. Please pass on my appreciation to both of them. Also, I apologize but I did not confirm how you wanted to be paid. I assumed that I would be paying the workers after the job was completed but they have indicated to me that you would be sending me an invoice? Also, would it be possible to pay by Visa? Would you be able to take my Visa over the phone or would you prefer that I come into the office? Once again, thank you for the excellent service!"

Rita L'H

"The crews doing the roofing and eavestrough installation were all very respectful and professional. The quality of the work done was excellent. The crew doing the eaves troughs aimed at perfection and symmetry. They treated our home as if it was their home. They were not satisfied until it met their standards, and it was done right. We are grateful to have selected Alberta Eavestroughing and Roofing to do our work."

Iona A

"Thank you Nick for delivering the work as promised. I paid the invoice today. I had misread it and there was no problem on it at all except you forgot to tell Heather to give me the “nice guy” discount. I enjoyed dealing with you and hope to enjoy the great job that your crew performed for years to come. Thank you for understanding my hesitancy. I am pleased there is an excellent contractor out there such as yourself. Take care."


"Good Day Nick! First of all, please proceed as per your estimate. Secondly, it is really interesting that when I spoke with two other eavestroughing companies they advised me that your company was the best . To me, that is a real credit to you and your workers. Please pass this on to them. It is also a tribute to the old school saying "HARD HONEST WORK HAS IT'S REWARDS. Cheers!"

Lionel N

"This is just a quick message to let you know that Jason and his crew were out yesterday and they did a fabulous job! They were knowledgeable, professional and courteous. Jason even said that he corrected a few sloping errors from last time. There is just the need to still install one tie down on the front pillar downpipe as he did not have the correct drill bits for the concrete at the time. Everything else is complete. Thank you very much for everything and a special thanks to Jason and his crew!"

Dayce T

"Hi Nick ! Thankyou so much for sending Nick and Jeff to redo all my eavestroughs on the house! They were very skilled and quick! Very professional, and they were very clean! I would recommend Alberta Eavestroughs to anyone!"

Eddy and Linda E

"First, Stephen and his assistance were great. Very accommodating even though we gave them grief on the color. They really seemed to know what they were doing and the job looks great. Spring run off will be the test but I am sure it will all work as planned."

"Thank you for the awesome job done on 10915 96 Street. It looks beautiful!"

Yolanda F

"On behalf of SMS EQUIPMENT, we would like to take this opportunity to commend Gary Messinger and Dominic Tallay for working in such a Safe and Professional manner. It was a pleasure in having Alberta Eavestrough working on our site with such high standards in Safety & Workmanship. This was also observed by the OHSE Advisor and Upper Management. You can be assured that we will contact your firm for future projects."

Herb Elliott Building Maintenance Coordinator

Hi Nick, Andrew was here on Saturday and got my fascia and gutters installed. He did a GREAT job. And he is a REAL worker. Today - Sunday - rain!! Everything works just fine. Thanks."

Dale Phillips

"Nick, Thank you all for your help and the eavestrough install, the guys did a great job much appreciated. I have sent the cheque to address required. Please let the guys know we appreciate the good installation they did. We all need a little pat on the back once in a while.Thank you again and you have a nice summer."


"Nick, your boys were out yesterday. I've inspected all the work and it looks fantastic. Can I call you with my visa or would you prefer a check through the mail? "

Jason Opper

"Nick, You guys rock !!! Awesome Job and your installers are professional and quick. My rain barrel is full !! Love it. Not sure if diverter was in price or not, let me know and I will email you my credit card number." /p>

Thanks again Mary

"My husband and I were very pleased with the job you did. Everyone at Alberta Eavestroughing was friendly and responsive. The work was done promptly and professionally. Not only does the work look great, but the eavestrough system is functioning properly - it was a pleasure to hear water running through the new downspouts when the weather got warm after the first winter snowfall - which is a vast improvement over the work done by the previous installers. Please feel free to quote us on your website."

Kate Hurlburt and Rob Kiddell

"Hello Nick, I want to thank you so much for the terrific job Wayne did, it not only looks great but my basement is completely dry after this last rain - you have no idea what a relief that is! I really had no idea how effective the new eavestrough alone could be for my leaky basement problem - I may not have been your biggest customer but I guarantee I'm your happiest. Thanks again to you guys - please feel free to use this as a testimonial if you wish."

Ann Jones

"Hi Nick You could not have had better timing. It is raining and our home is not surrounded by puddles. Thank you for the great work."

Barbara St.Germaine

"Eavestroughs look great!!! Do you mail or e-mail an invoice? There was nothing left for us"

Thanks again!! Micheal W

"I just wanted to take a minute to both sincerely thank and genuinely commend your crews for an outstanding job completing the Surmont II project. All in all you have installed almost 30,000 linear feet of gutter without a single injury or incident, on schedule and while working with us and our sometimes less than favourable site conditions. Your crews have displayed a level of professionalism and work ethic that is both impressive and note worthy of their accomplishments. Please pass on our congratulations and admiration to each of your crew members from the Northern Trailer Surmont Team.

We will see you in the near future for further work both on and off this site and look forward to the same working relationships with Alberta Eaves on all our sites."

Thanks, Argon R

"HI Nick and Team Thanks for the outstanding job! love the new eavestroughs."

Thanks, Kara and Paul

"Please disregard my email yesterday; Andrew gave me a copy of the estimate. He completed the work in Villeneuve as per the order with the exception of the south gable fascia. He put 2 screws in the existing fascia, rather than replace it, because a new strip would have clashed with the old. Andrew did a thorough job and provided helpful information. I will definitely recommend your company. Let me know the revised amount for the work (minus fascia) and how I make monthly payments. I am very grateful to have this upgrade with the coming snow melt."

Thank you, Charmaine

"Hi Nick, Thanks for the professional eavestrough install job recently competed at my home 158xx -1xxst."

Thanks Paulette

"Hi Nick, Special thanks to your guys for diligent work and a great job!"

Best regards, Gordon

"Andrew finished the gutter installation this week. He did do a very nice Job with both the back gutter drain and redoing the house rain gutters, which were previously improperly installed by another company. He said that the invoice for the work would be sent to us by mail. It was worth the wait."


"hi there ...we are so pleased with our fancy eavestroughs that the other Nick installed for us in March 2014...all is perfect. Now with my garden stuff around the eaves that comes down beside the garage.....I was wondering if Nick is in the area this summer, if he could move it a bit so it drains out into the garden and driveway and not on the grass. many rush. The length is perfect so just a few screws etc..I almost tried to do it myself but thot..I might wreck something."

Many thanks again. Yours truly, Elizabeth

"When out on the roof there arose such a clatter I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash tore open the shutter and threw up the sash. And what to my wondering eyes do appear but a twisted bit of metal almost falling oh dear With little old Google so lively and quick I found AB Eavestroughs lickety split. More rapid than eagles their workers they came and fixed up my fascia making the loud riot tame.I was inspired by your biz wisdom"

Jo Stone

"Thank you very much for the timely estimate. We would like to hire you to do this work. We have had several estimates done, and while yours is the most expensive, it is also the most comprehensive and well thought out. Please write us into your schedule. Given the 9 week back log, I suppose we are looking at mid October-ish ? Please let me know. I will mail a signed authorisation to you. Thank you for doing this estimate while in the midst of doing our neighbour's house."

Cheers Clive

"Your guy Steve came and fixed the fascia. He did a really good job and the color is a perfect match. Unfortunately, we got talking and he forgot to give me an invoice and I forgot to ask for one!"


"Thanks Nick, Excellent job. I would highly recommend your services."


"The new troughs look fantastic and Wayne and his crew are really awesome. Thanks so much again. Have a great weekend!"

Norman W

"I would like thank Alberta Eavestroughing for their professional service, the great quality of their seamless eavestrough and the very knowledgeable and courteous staff. We made the decision on the day of installation to have leaf guards put on the eavestrough and it was worth the extra cost, it saves a great deal of time by eliminating gutter cleaning every year. I highly recommended using their leaf guard system. Great job!"

Karen M

"Just a note to say how completely happy and satisfied we are with the recent installation of eavestroughs at my mother's residence. The work done was nothing short of excellent. Moreover it was done in an expedient manner and at a reasonable cost to a senior. I would highly recommend you to anyone and remain gratefully yours. By all means you have my permission to publish my testimonial"

Angela P

"Last week, two of your employees installed new eaves troughs and fascia boards on my home. I would like to take this opportunity to commend Andrew and Kevin job well done! They were very professional in every way. Andrew was very helpful during the estimate process, giving advice about how to resolve some problems due to the age of my home.

On the day of installation, I changed my mind about having capping replaced under all of the troughs which necessitated a return to the shop for more supplies. They were happy to do so, although it put them behind schedule from the very start of the job. They were consistently polite, and did a great job of the installation. My home looks great!

Both Andrew and Kevin are excellent representatives of your company, and thanks to them I can gladly recommend Alberta Eavestroughing to anyone."

Bliss Robinson

"We sincerely appreciate the professional manner in which you dealt with our request for help. In the Edmonton environment today, it is extremely hard to find someone to do anything of a repair nature. The other day I asked a contractor who services our furnace, if we could have our humidifier replaced, to which I received a response "I must tell you that we cannot entertain any request of repairs for you, as we are far too busy on new home construction".

Your courteous manner in which you accepted our telephone calls was very refreshing, as was the way you committed to a time to repair our eaves, and the friendly crew of two young adults that did the repairs. We truly thank you for your assistance.

I also want to let you know, that we have referred your company to another homeowner, and will continue to do so in the future to others. Thanks again for the help."

Ken & Donna Rawson

"I would like to thank you for the good service that we received. We called you in mid summer along with about five other companies (from who we never heard from again). You keep our name on file and came to give us an estimate in late September and came three weeks later. The work was done while there was snow on the roof and done efficently. Thank you very much for the excellent service." M. Reinhardt

"The young men who did the job were extremely courteous and efficient, and we are very pleased with the job they did. We would certainly recommend your company highly."

Dino & Cecily McLaughlin

"Thank you for attending to my property and thank you for advising me of necessary work to be done.

Have a great year. See you again in 2008."

Gussie Ellis

"Thanks for a good job. I have arranged the downspoutproper on spot as we talked about it."

B Hansen

"Thank you Nick to you and all your staff. It is quite evident why you win awards year after year. Thanks for doing such a good job."


"I'm so sorry this is late. We just got back from holidays. Scott and his team did a great job. Thanks!"


"Great job guys. Thanks! Talk to you in the spring for part II of the install."

John Benson

"Thank you! Your skill and attention to detail were very much appreciated."

M. Olson

"Many thanks for promptly courteous service."


To Gary,

"Thank you so much! The Gents that came out were awesome."

Diana Koeka

"Thanks so much for a great job and please convey our thanks to your two courteous installers who left the site today."

Mr. & Mrs. Don McDonald

"Thank you for making the adjustments to the eavestrough and drains before the weather turned cold. We appreciate your time, energy and professionalism."

Gary & Diane

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